Elements of Our Evaluation Methods

Context – When, where, against whom? Etc.

Skill – They translate. Period. Tells a lot about projection to the next level. Where are they now? What is best? What lacks? Do they improve over time?

How do they play the game? – In other words: motor, team play, overall game, decisions, awareness, attitude, etc. Can they help a team win?

Defensive Awareness – HUGE for me because they will be expected to play on both ends at the next level and there are a lot of systems to learn out there. With no foundation, the learning is really hard.

Physical Shape, Durability, Athleticism – College basketball can be grueling.. If the first time they are really expected to get in shape is their freshman year – it’s going to be a long year. Toughness is huge – mentally and physically. Athleticism does matter – but it’s not the end all, be all in WBB.

Coachability – Says a lot about your ability to grow and play at higher levels in basketball. Period.

Improvement Over Time – We ultimately see these players several times. This is just huge for me.. Basketball is a game in which you can always improve. Are you?

Scorer? Shooter? Specialty Role? – Scorers are a premium. Shooters are at an all-time premium right now. Contrary to popular belief real basketball people value role players too – lock down defenders, screeners, rebounders … even if those new to the game (and social media) don’t realize it. Teams need more than the starting five and even starting fives need these roles filled. They help TEAMS WIN.

Game in 5’s – This is how the game should be played and ultimately is the way to win (still) in WBB. If a player is out there to only “get theirs”, I recognize the talent, but quickly move on because they don’t help teams win at the highest level when it matters most.

Projection and Translation – This is an inexact science and takes a feel for all of the above. There is a balance between production and potential. Context helps define the likelihood of translation to the next level. Things like that.. Ultimately, I’m big on the question “Will they help you win?” because if they will, then they’ll play. If they play and help you win, you are a happy coach and they are a happy player. If they don’t help you win and are not playing and are not happy … Well, we all know where that goes.