Live Blog: McDAA Practices

24 of the best players in the country take the court for the 2024 McDonald’s All-American practices. This should be one of the most competitive scenarios these players will see over a few days until they step on campuses at the next level.

We will make notes and updates from the practices to take one final look at how these players stack up against each other as well as preview what we may see in the McDonald’s All-American game on Tuesday night. You can tune in to the scrimmage which will be streamed on ESPN+ at 230pm ET on Sunday, March 31.

Here are some quick scouting report notes and our live blog-style updates as the practices transpire:


Mikayla Blakes (Rutgers)

Super positive & encouraging energy ..  SNIPER, very crisp with everything she does .. explosive first step


Kendall Dudley (UCLA)

Attentive w/glue like leadership the entire time…attention to detail and communication defensively


Joyce Edwards (South Carolina)

Glides and so smooth!! First one getting loose and shots up .. moves incredibly well without the ball .. finishes things from seemingly impossible angles



Kayleigh Heckel (USC)

Serious approach .. all business. Cooking along with Blakes in half court work. Transition defensive effort was outstanding.


Zamareya Jones (NC State)

Dimes off the bounce, finds corner shooters .. three ball followed by a nice PnR read floater … nice patient dime in PnR .. COMPETITIVE SPIRIT!!!


Kate Koval (Notre Dame)

Steady presence, speed of elite guard play doesn’t bother as a big .. transition triple!! And then another corner three


Madisen McDaniel (South Carolina)  *INJ


Olivia Olson (Michigan)

High release on the middy J looking real nice .. great cutter


Zania Socka-Nguemen (UCLA)

First one to dive on the floor ….starting to show elements of face up development from the mid post .. all over the glass effort wise


Sarah Strong (Undecided)

In TERRIFIC shape, grown an inch or so? Communicated concepts well .. focused on the whole of the game plan principles .. Hockey assists!! Three ball stroke is A1 ..


Syla Swords (Michigan)

One of the first voices heard on the court .. offensive rebound effort .. all around production .. drew fouls on aggressive drives and continues to impress from the perimeter


Berry Wallace (Illinois)

Super glue, versatility on both ends…corner 3-ball is money…possibly the most underrated player here .. excellent do-everything effort. Just understands the game on so many levels



Imari Berry (Undecided)

Oozing talent, could end up a first round pick in 4 years – that kind of ability.. 


Jaloni Cambridge (Ohio State)

JUICE!! ability to push the ball in transition is bananas.. nobody can stay in front!?  electric first step .. applies immediate transition pressure…ELECTRIC playmaking 


Justice Carlton (Texas)

Spot up there looking ability …immediate o-board effort… competitiveness stands out.. mixes it up physically inside


Morgan Cheli (UConn)

Locked in from jump .. super competitive. Major facilitating quality .. high release J


Avery Howell (USC)

Serious .. gets everyone organized. Methodically warmed up – form shots, etc. Has become a KNOCK DOWN SHOOTER .. supremely confident and competitive / fearless .. major rebounding and defensive effort 


Jordan Lee (Texas)

Set the tone defensively.. voice, stance, physicality. Super fundamental and mature game. 


Alivia McGill (Florida)

Vocal & positive energy!! Focused distributor .. using her voice as a leader and pulse. Really good in PnR .. good contact finish .. then followed with another + lefty finish .. clutch last second finish to win the scrimmage for the West


Me’Arah O’Neal (Florida)

1st person to say hello! Connective energy …naturally talented, could really blossom. Loves the perimeter, and occasionally surprises with an outstanding rebound


Mackenly Randolph (Louisville)

Super engaging .. smile & contagious energy. Patience & deceleration footwork is really good .. so crafty .. kills in the 2-man game 


Arianna Roberson (Duke)

Covers so much ground defensively .. extreme positive energy … Jumper is looking super nice!! Especially off the move/sprint!! Rebounds the ball @ the highest point #MostSerious Possibly the most continued upside here.


Kennedy Smith (USC)

Such a tough cover, super strong finishes thru contact .. elite defender and athlete


Allie Ziebell (UConn)

Focused, unassuming, and serious .. quick trigger!!  SNIPER!!